Womens Wisdom Circles

"Women's circles are perhaps the most powerful agents of change on the planet right now, with each woman contributing to the healing of our world as she herself experiences healing." - Amy Bammel Wilding

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Are you hungry for meaningful connection?

After listening to so many women who are tired of shallow networking, hearing their longing for elevated conversation and meaningful ways to connect, I reached out to my tribe of conscious women, and Women's Wisdom Circles was born. Our weekly format serves as a MasterMind group for women who are committed to personal growth and conscious evolution. Watch this 2.5 minute video for a glimpse inside our circle.


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Meet conscious women who are committed to self-discovery and are open to learning and growing together in a safe space. 


Amplify your energy and your ability to manifest your heart's desire with the power of directed group intention setting. 


Rediscover feminine rituals to honor the cycle of the seasons and tune in to the natural rhythms of the Earth, moon and stars.

What is stirring within you this season?

Women's Wisdom Circles lets you take time out of the busyness of your daily life to focus on what's stirring in your soul.

In the safety of this group, you can pause to clarify your intentions for the upcoming season with mindful awareness and presence.  

You'll reflect upon how you are growing and who you are becoming, getting valuable insights that guide you as you navigate your path -- all with the loving support of a like-minded tribe of conscious women.

Stretch your soul, expand your heart and elevate your energy as we share our stories, insights, and important lessons learned from life's adventures

The magic of group intention

Women's Wisdom Circles is a "Master Mind" group for conscious women.

The concept of the "master mind" was coined by Norman Vincent Peale, author of Think and Grow Rich. It's based on the Universal principle that two or more people harmoniously focused on a shared intention creates a powerful force. 

In this group, we focus on being and becoming our best selves, facing our fears, and supporting one another's goals and visions.

Facilitated by Lauren Renee Archer, a trained group facilitator with over 25 years of experience, we use centering exercises and guided visualizations to create harmonic resonance to amplify our intentions.

Together, we are consciously co-creating a better world for ourselves, our families, our communities and our environment. 


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If you are a women on a spiritual path who is committed to making a positive difference in the world, you will love our virtual Women's Wisdom Circles. Each session includes six 90 minute weekly Zoom calls from the comfort of your own home!

Immerse yourself in feminine wisdom as we explore the following:

Week 1: Introductions, Circle Guidelines, and the MasterMind Principle

Week 2: Being and Becoming in your Circle of Influence

Week 3: Connecting with the Unseen: Surrender, Trust & Flow

Week 4: Accountability, Responsibility and Follow Through

Week 5: Living Into Your Ideal NOW

Week 6: The Ripple Effect: Making a Positive Difference

Sessions are LIVE from the comfort of your own home on Thursday evenings from 6:00 to 7:30 PM.
You will be seen, heard, and honored on your journey of conscious evolution. 

Experience the magic of being part of an open-hearted group of women who listen with non-judgment, and provide ongoing support and encouragement.


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"You are so skilled at creating a safe container for women to share in an experience. I loved the frequency of the zoom calls. I loved setting aside time to be with the powerful women you brought to the circle."

Bettina Carey
Women's Empowerment Coach

"This is a group of amazing women that have gone beyond the normal range of higher interest in higher learning how to optimize our existence. I gained a variety of ways to enhance my life."

Yvonne Taylor
Owner and Publisher, Mill Creek Lifestyles Magazine

"I liked the sense of community and support. All the women involved had so much knowledge to share. I felt completely supported and championed during the process."

Kourtnie C.
Aerospace Executive

"FANTASTIC experience! This is a gathering of Mindful Women that provides a safe place to be seen and supported in a healthy environment."

Barbara D
Retired Physical Therapist

"I had no idea how important this group was going to be for me. It's really amazing that being in a group of women I never met before could be so powerful. "

Pesha Klein
Environmental Scientist

"I had not experienced a group of women like this and I was literally blown away by the quality of all of the women. I feel so much love in my heart when I hear each woman talk, and can relate to 99.9% of what everyone is saying. "

Genele Edey
Life Coach, HeartMind Conscious Living

"This is an opportunity to be with women exploring their inner world and seeking to be able to be more in touch with themselves. It is a place where you can contribute in a way that is right for you. There is no pressure or expectation. There is a deep appreciation of each person and where they are."

Janaki Severy
Leadership Development Trainer, Managing Dynamics


As a member, you will get private access to valuable resources including the Women's Wisdom Circles online course.


You'll get to take advantage of member rates for extra savings on futures sessions and special events. 


You'll have access to our private Facebook community to stay in touch with other Circle members in between sessions.

Early Autumn Virtual Women's Wisdom Circles

FREE DISCOVERY CALL! Call Lauren Archer at 425-985-3245 to learn more about Virtual Women's Wisdom Circles and apply to join this Master Mind group for conscious women who are committed to making a positive difference. 









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