Hypnosis for Pre-Surgery - MP3 Audio

Research has proven that people who listen to hypnosis programs prior to surgery tend to feel more comfortable and relaxed before surgery, have fewer needs for medications following surgery, and recover more quickly.

Your mind can influence your body’s natural abilities to

  • Relax and feel calm in the days before your surgery
  • Minimize bleeding during your procedure
  • Feel safe and comfortable
  • Process pain as mere physical sensations
  • Adjust the volume of pain to a comfortable level
  • Speed up the healing process following surgery

Hypnosis for Pre-Surgery by Lauren Archer is a 28 minute audio program that invites you to relax into a gentle trance state, access your inner healing place, minimize bleeding during surgery, and feel comfortable during and after the process.

Gentle suggestions to access your body’s natural abilities for relaxation, comfort, minimized bleeding, and rapid healing.


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