Finding Your Why Online Course

$149.00 USD

Are you sick and tired of saying "I did it AGAIN! WHY do I KEEP DOING THIS to myself?"&...

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New Client Private Session

$197.00 USD

Get a mindset reset with personalized mindfulness coaching and hypnotherapy.  What you'll get: 2 hours of ti...

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Mindset Reset - 3 Session Package

$497.00 USD

Three 90 minute coaching and hypnotherapy sessions, in person or virtual via Zoom. Includes an audio recording&n...

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MINDFUL MORNING 21 Day Challenge


Are you ready for a morning routine that will boost your mood, enhance your motivation, and elevate your energy? ...

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101 Things to Do Besides Eat e-book

$9.97 USD

Habits aren't broken, they are REPLACED! This e-book gives you the refreshing truth about habits along with a habit c...

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Hypnosis for Pre-Surgery - MP3 Audio

$11.99 USD

Research has proven that people who listen to hypnosis programs prior to surgery tend to feel more comfortable and re...

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Mindfulness 101: Basic Training for your Mind

$27.00 USD

In this mini-course, you'll get the Mindfulness 101 e-book and two guided audio practices so you can begin getting th...

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