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Tracey uncovers blocks to her success


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Lisa finds answers within

"Lauren is an exceptionally talented and compassionate Mindfulness Coach and an extraordinary Hypnotherapist. She will guide you in awakening your awareness and revealing the answers that already exist within yourself."

Kristina develops "radar" for healthy foods

"This work has totally changed my life. My entire world has changed in regards to food. I have that “radar” for healthy foods that you talked to me about and I no longer crave junk food. I am now a healthy eater, no matter where I am or what I am doing. You have really changed my life in such a positive way."

Gordon finds his WHY and loses 75 lbs

"I lost 75 lbs in six months, and for me the key was an exercise Lauren suggested in finding my "why." Once my "why" was clear, it gave me great clarity and focus. I was only going to do things that supported my why."


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