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3 Tips for a Mindful Holiday Season

holidays mindfulness Dec 21, 2019

However you celebrate your holiday season, here are a few mindfulness tips to help you experience more of what really matters: love, joy, peace and connection. 

3 Tips for a Mindful Holiday Season

1. Mindfully Direct Your Attention. Virtually the only thing you ever really have control of is your attention. Your attention is like a spotlight. When you are mindlessly aiming your attention at everything that's going wrong, at what's not enough, or what's lacking in your life, that's what becomes amplified in your experience. The more you focus on what's not enough, the more you feel dissatisfaction and discomfort. 

The beauty of mindfulness is that when you catch yourself focusing your attention on lack or limitation, you can simply become aware (wow...look at that - my mind was focusing on lack!), and then make a conscious choice to re-aim the spotlight of your attention. Bring yourself into the present moment, and redirect your mind to...

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