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6 Questions to Heighten Your Heart's Intelligence

Your heart is your internal GPS. It contains neurons and processes information, much like your brain. Of course, instead of communicating in words, your heart's language is feelings.

When you ignore your feelings, you close the channel of communication between your heart and your brain, which limits your ability to perform at your best.

How many times have you heard someone say, “I had a feeling about that, but I just didn’t listen.” That’s because most of us in western society haven’t been trained how to listen to our bodies. Fortunately, with mindfulness, this trend is changing. 

Tuning in to your heart

Pausing to slow down, tune into your body, and focus your attention on your feelings may be an unfamiliar practice, but it's a great way to re-open the lines of communication from within and give you access to deeper levels of inner intelligence.

Six questions to heighten your heart’s intelligence


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