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When alcohol becomes a habit

habits Jun 04, 2019

It's Summer - time for backyard barbecues and outdoor parties and celebrations, many of which place a high emphasis on beer, wine and cocktails. 

Many people can manage having one or two drinks on an occasional basis...but for some, occasional drinking turns into regular drinking, which can devolve into problem drinking, which teeters on the edge of alcoholism. Regular drinking can be a habit that's hard to break. 

Have you started wondering if alcohol might be harming your health or impeding your professional progress? Do you wake up regretting how much you drank the night before? Are you interested in reducing how often you imbibe?

Mindfulness training, coaching and hypnotherapy can help you change your relationship with alcohol.

Make no mistake about it, we experience mass hypnosis in our culture. Alcohol companies have spent billions of dollars promoting propaganda to suggest that once it turns 5 o'clock, it's "Happy Hour," or "Miller Time."...

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