How to Spread Loving Kindness with Moments of Mass Mindfulness

mindfulness May 11, 2019

What are you doing this weekend?

I just heard about a very cool virtual event called “Moments of Mass Mindfulness,” where you can join thousands of people in over 40 different countries for a loving kindness meditation for world peace. Amazing, right?

Moments of Mass Mindfulness, or MOMM, is partnering with the HeartMath Institute and they are giving away free tools for anyone who wants to participate. You can download the HeartMath Global Coherence app for free, and get a free loving kindness meditation here:

How your thoughts create a positive ripple effect

Researcher John Hagelin conducted several studies to show how Transcendental Meditation influences the greater community. He found a statistically significant reduction in crime when large numbers of people gathered together focused on loving kindness. Author Lynne McTaggart has also researched how people who send healing intentions to others experience surprising healing themselves!

With all the chaos happening in our world right now, it’s helpful to know that there’s one meaningful thing you can do to create a positive ripple effect in the world.

In this 3 minute video you'll hear about

  • how I’m using loving kindness meditation in my Women’s Wisdom Circles
  • what author Lynne McTaggart has learned about the extraordinary healing power of loving kindness,
  • and how you can participate in this weekend’s Moments of Mass Mindfulness.

Thanks for watching and have a wonderful weekend!

With love,

Lauren Renee Archer

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